Thursday, September 8, 2011


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Welcome Back!!!! Game Monday Night @ Q's 7:30pm

After a long, hot summer break, Q's PokerRoom is back in session!!!! We will start playing bi-monthly in preparation for our new winter league. Details too follow.
See ya on the felt!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Game tomorrow night Monday 7pm at Q's

With only 2 weeks left in our league, Chad has secured at a minimum 2nd place and can only be caught by Q for the league championship. Rodney sits alone in 3rd place and has an outside shot at finishing in the top 2, but that would require back to back wins. Q needs a combined 40pts over 2 weeks to secure one of the top 2 spots, and could potentially dethrone Chad if the scenario plays out. Of the remaining 9 players, Jeff, John, and Brody all have realistic shots at competing for the coveted 3rd place finish. Like mentioned before the top 2 will not play at the final table. There will be a dealer for the final table, as well as Food(Pizza and Wings) and Drinks provided. Harry if you still follow us, you have earned enough points to play at the final table and will be more than welcome to sit in the game. We will post the date of the final table following our March 8th game.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chad plays like a donkey, and wins like a stud!

Action Summary
7:15:35 pm 1/26/2010: Chad bought-in
7:15:35 pm 1/26/2010: Brody bought-in
7:15:35 pm 1/26/2010: Q bought-in
7:15:35 pm 1/26/2010: Rod bought-in
7:15:35 pm 1/26/2010: Opie bought-in
7:15:35 pm 1/26/2010: Jeff bought-in
1:03:04 pm 2/1/2010: Kirk bought-in
6:58:20 pm 2/15/2010: John bought-in
7:14:46 pm 2/24/2010: Webby bought-in
7:14:46 pm 2/24/2010: Tom bought-in
7:22:13 pm 2/24/2010: Tournament started
8:28:31 pm 2/24/2010: Jeff busted out
9:02:42 pm 2/24/2010: Opie busted out
9:02:47 pm 2/24/2010: John busted out
9:02:51 pm 2/24/2010: Kirk busted out
9:40:57 pm 2/24/2010: Rod busted out
9:45:00 pm 2/24/2010: Tom busted out
9:47:09 pm 2/24/2010: Webby busted out
9:49:18 pm 2/24/2010: Q busted out
10:08:13 pm 2/24/2010: Brody busted out
10:08:13 pm 2/24/2010: Tournament ended
10:08:13 pm 2/24/2010: Total pot: $200.00
10:08:13 pm 2/24/2010: Chad ranked 1st, received $120.00 and 100.00 points
10:08:13 pm 2/24/2010: Brody ranked 2nd, received $60.00 and 80.00 points
10:08:13 pm 2/24/2010: Q ranked 3rd, received $20.00 and 65.00 points
10:08:13 pm 2/24/2010: Webby ranked 4th, received 50.00 points
10:08:13 pm 2/24/2010: Tom ranked 5th, received 35.00 points
10:08:13 pm 2/24/2010: Rod ranked 6th, received 25.00 points
10:08:13 pm 2/24/2010: Kirk ranked 7th, received 20.00 points
10:08:13 pm 2/24/2010: John ranked 8th, received 15.00 points
10:08:13 pm 2/24/2010: Opie ranked 9th, received 10.00 points
10:08:13 pm 2/24/2010: Jeff ranked 10th, received 5.00 points

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The End is Near....

Our last official game is going to be on the week of March 8th. That gives us 3 weeks remaining to accumulate points towards the league standings. You can click on the Hollywood Poker link on the right to access the schedule. The top 2 will get automatic bids into a $300+$40 event. The top 2 will not play at the final table. All players that have accumulated at least 250 points will be eligible for the final table and chips will be dispersed according to the rankings at the end. There will still be a buy in for the final night to offset the remaining funds needed to get to a total prize pool of $1020, split 3 ways. We will have approximately $905 at the start of the final table. Which means $115* from that nights pot will be added to the kitty, with the winner receiving $340. Whatever is left over will go to 2nd place approximately $70. We will have a dealer for the final table and it will be played at Q's PokerRoom. The date will be determined by March 8th, most likely to be played on Sunday March 14th. All winners are not required to play in any post league Tournaments, it is only a means to an end. Good Luck.

*Depending on prior Kitty

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The night of huge hands, and quick exits!

What an exciting night of Poker. There were quads twice, straights left and right, flushes out the wazoo, but most of all players were dropping like flies. The game only lasted until 10pm, with Rodney and Q playing heads up. Q prevailed when he made a full house on the last hand of the night. Jeff had another nice night finishing 3rd. We were down to 4 to play by 9pm and the blinds were only 20k/40k. That just gives you an clue as to the pace of the game. We will play next Wednesday night at Brody's 7pm. See ya then!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010